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How to see order confirmation page URL

We use Webflow Ecommerce, and need to add a custom script to the order confirmation page. However, we cannot test this live, because (as far as I can tell) Webflow doesn’t provide any way for you to view an actual order confirmation page without placing an order.

When viewing the page in the designer and opening it, it takes you to URL: {domain}/order-confirmation

In the designer I can see all of the orders, and order numbers. Since Webflow doesn’t provide a “view order confirmation page” button, does anyone know the URL structure I could follow to get to the order confirmation page of a real order? Is this possible?

If not, could someone at Webflow let me know how to actually test this page?


The URL format is https://{site-name}/order-confirmation?orderId={order-id}&token={token-id}

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