How to See Custom Code from a Cloned Site

Please close this if redundant or I am missing something. But if I clone a site, to see how someone built or implemented something, I thought I could see their custom code. Now when I clone a site, all I get is a message that says pay for the hosting for this project. I guess I can view the site in Webflow, to see the code they might have added to the page body tags, but nothing about what was added in the project settings.

Please let me know if anyone has found a good way to find this information.

FYI: Custom code is displayed in the source of a published site. Not too hard to inspect since all you need is your browser. Open your browser dev tools and just check the document head and before body close. Did you look there or am I missing something?

Yea, that was a total brain fart on my part. I posted before even thinking about that.