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How to see CSS of element in the editor?

Hi! I’m new, maybe I just didn’t find such a feature.

Is it possible to view / edit a clean CSS of any element in the editor

For example in figma I have this shadow in css code:

box-shadow: 0px 46px 48px rgba(60, 85, 133, 0.1), 0px 19.2177px 20.0533px rgba(60, 85, 133, 0.0821423), 0px 10.2747px 10.7214px rgba(60, 85, 133, 0.0813645), 0px 5.75991px 6.01034px rgba(60, 85, 133, 0.080821), 0px 3.05905px 3.19205px rgba(60, 85, 133, 0.0758501), 0px 1.27294px 1.32828px rgba(60, 85, 133, 0.0597431);

I can repeat it in webflow with the effects panel, but it would be much easier to just copy the code. In other words, I want to be able to switch between «visual style» and «text mode» Is this possible?

For example like this:

Editing would be a cool feature but it does not exist. View element CSS does. So we all have to do it visually with WF.