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How to search only Ecommerce Products

I need help with the search functionality. I want to have the search results only be the Ecommerce products and to exclude all other content throughout the site. I have been able to connect items from the search index and changed some of the product template page settings for searching but with no results.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - HUMBL

Hey Mario,

To ensure the search results are only pulling from the Ecommerce products, you can go through and make sure every other static page and collection template page is excluded from site search results. See the section in the page below about how to exclude static pages and exclude collection pages.

You will want to exclude all static and collection pages, except for your “Products” collection page. Then once you set up the search results page and publish it, it usually takes around 5 minutes or so for Webflow to index the site to know what is and isn’t searchable. See the sections in the link above for more info about indexing as well!