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How to scroll full page in one motion?

Hello! Sorry for my English if it would be uncorrect =)

I’ve found an interisting site
and I would like to know, can I do the same “full page in one motion scroll” at webflow??
I hope that not only me is interested in such a feature =)
Thank you for your support!

This site is funny, in between breakpoints it has some kind of no-mans land

Ok, I see the site being totally empty for mobiles…

For desktop, the general layout is easy to reproduce, althought the scroll hijacking that jumps from a section to another isn’t possible natively in WF, you’ll have to find some javascript to the rescue.

Also, video backgrounds are possible, easy to do with youtube if it’s only for desktop, a little bit harder if it has to work for every device (need 3 versions of the video, and hosting)

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