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How to scroll browser to in-page anchor from dropdown link

When I create an ordinary navbar link to an in-page anchor, the browser automatically scrolls up or down to that section of the page.

However, from the dropdown links in the navbar, the browser jumps cleanly to the attributed anchors without the usual scrolling animation.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this inconsistency? Thanks!

Hi, I tried it and I don’t witness the lack of transition. Look:

Thanks for your reply Vincent. That’s really strange that it works fine for you - I’ve tried removing and re-inserting new dropdowns, and I’m still getting the same problem that it just jumps straight to the anchor point instead of scrolling correctly like yours does.

Can you share your public link?

Weirdly the top link (default Link 1) of my dropdown scrolls to the anchor point correctly, but the other links (both default and added) don’t.

Here’s my link:

I see but check the first post of the forum to learn how to share your “public link” ( the one that let ppl see what your settings are and try to fix your issues)

Whoops oh yeah, sorry! Here it is:

Thank you for taking a look!

Hehe, I guessed it when I reviewed the code of your previous link.

It doesn’t transition when… your section unique ID is a number (1, 01, 001…). Change them to words and it will work fine (:

@cyberdave can you open a ticket somewhere for this weird exception?

Hi Vincent - sorry it’s taken me such a while to respond back to you, I’ve been travelling. That’s brilliant, thanks so much for solving this for me! I will make that fix this afternoon as you suggest.

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