How to save value of selected option and extra info that is linked with that option?


I have a form where the user has to select a specific option from a selection.
They have 3 options to choose from and when a user selects an option and sends the data, I want also to save other data so that I can use them in a confirmation mail.

For example:
Option one is: Lesson 1
Option two is: Lesson 2
Option three is: Lesson 3

So they choose a lesson and each lesson has a specific price and date that is stored in the cms on webflow. But that info is not visible for the user.

I don’t know how to make this in a selection that the user only sees the lesson selection, but also sends the price and date for that lesson.

Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Are you able to post the live site’s url?
What method are you using to send the reply email, and is it automated? i didn’t realize this was possible. Would love to hear more.

I’ve done something similar using Zapier that takes the Webflow form submission, feeds into a Google Spreadsheet that has conditional values based on “true” and “false” and the related column(s) has a dollar amount assigned to it. So if a user make a selection of a lesson, its cell is marked as “true” in Google Sheets and the amount is applied. The amounts are tallied and google sheets is then automated to send the reply email with their cost. Just a thought but I don’t know your full intention.

I’m also using Zapier to send emails.
But I use the cms where the price and dates of the lessons are linked with each other. So it’s easier to only change the dates and price in one place (in the cms of webflow).

I have now some code that when the user select a lesson, the correct date and price are shown on the page. I only have make some changes, that the correct lesson is stored for the mail.

It can be done in Webflow, but it’s rather convoluted and requires a fair bit of scripting.

Here’s the approach;

  • Use a hidden collection list as your data source. In it, you’ll create a JSON chunk that stores the field contents you want from each item.
  • Use that to populate your select list.
  • Setup an on-change handler for your select. When it changes;
    • Get the currently selected value
    • Use that to locate your hidden collection item, and to locate the JSON chunk inside of it ( in a script type=application/json element ).
    • Get that JSON chunk and decode it into a javascript object Now you can easily acess your values as properties of that object.
    • Update your hidden input fields with those values ( an ID reference is usually easiest ).

We use a similar approach in the data libraries for Sygnal’s Webflow Utils;

Hi @kasper_dct :wave: welcome to the forum

This is fairly straightforward.

That said, you’ll have to glue some things together yourself. Nothing out-of-the-box with Webflow for this. But it’s easy.

I see mention of you using Zapier, what I’ll describe uses a free Make (Integromat) account but you can do this with Zapier as well.

  • Use a native Webflow form that submits into Make (Integromat).

  • Based upon the option selected in the form (you can see this in Make), find the associated information in what I call a Lookup Table.

  • Basically, it’s just a table with all your user options and the info associated with it. Now you can simply search for that user selected option, and grab the associated info.

  • Now pop off an email with it.


Hope that helps!