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How to save examination-form-data to an google sheet and print-out?

Happy New year 2020 is looking great with Webflow!

So finally I want to start my own system for examination-question the way does but directly to a print-out A4-paper with point next to the question-answer.

Who can help me with an a’ready made example? via it should be possible I think to store form-data into an Google-sheet but how I don’t know… and how to check the correct answer to give a point to it?

Via Mailchimp but how to give a print-out with points next to the answer?

Thanks to make 2020 beautifull digital with webflow!

how to store the date and hour into a form?


I found special radio buttons already

i found the way time can be displayed

i found a way for the date… but how to save in a form?