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How to reverse a sticky element to it's original position on up-scroll

Hi All,

I am working on creating a brand guideline site for my company and am excited to be building it in Webflow. I’ve ran through the Webflow 101 course and many of the additional Webflow university videos several times and have so far been able to figure most things out on my own. I am running into an issue I’m struggling to solve though, with a secondary navigation on the lefthand side of my page.

Currently, the way the page functions is on a down scroll the sites top nav hides and re-appears when a user scrolls up. The side nav follows the top nav as it leaves and comes to rest at a sticky position 63 pixels from the top of the page. However, when a user scrolls back up and the top nav returns I can’t figure out the best way to make the side nav return to its original position. I understand that it is responding to the main body and will only return to its original position when the page is scrolled to the very top but is there a way to override the sticky positioning on an up scroll to move the side nav back down relative to the top nav?

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