How to reveal text outside of a slider mask

As you can see in the screenshot my concern is that I want to reveal that text. BUT, the reason why I created an “inner slider” is because I have three topics and therefore 3 headlines. Means in total I have 3 main slides and in this main slides is the content related to this three topics. And every headline should change when sliding. So my problem is that I want the headlines to be out of the box but it doesn’t work, because of the mask I guess. I already tried to give the headlines a higher z-index…

Hopefully someone could help me out with that.

Thanks in advance, Leon :slight_smile:

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Hey Leon,

You should be able to handle that by wrapping the slider in a div and setting that div to be overflow:hidden.

When you position it in a manner which will include the heading as well you can set the slider and all of it’s components to be overflow visible so that they basically allow the heading to go over the edge.

Let me know how it went