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How to reveal element on click?

Hi, I’ve been trying for the last couple of days to recreate the Job Board that Ben Tossell created a couple of years ago.

I got stuck trying to create a Show/Hide function, where I click on the Job Title and the Job Description displays and hides on second click. I followed Ben’s instructions as well as the song>lyrics video guy (don’t know name) multiple times I even created a 1-minute video of me doing these steps. When I go into Toggle Preview. Nothing happens. Just the arrow and one element (div block) is shown. I can’t click on anything.

I even upgraded my account, thinking perhaps the paid account has more functionality. It didn’t help. I’ve tried it in Brave and Chrome browsers.

Webflow - Job Board)

My 1 minute recording

What am I missing? It’s got to be some setting I’m not aware of. Thoughts?


Hi @DavidMiller, thanks for your post, it looks like the read only link is not working to the designer, can you help to recreate and re-share the read only link?

Thanks in advance

Thanks. I didn’t know it didn’t work.

The system said it was the same link.

Hi @DavidMiller, thanks, I think it is something here in Discourse that did not paste the link correct or save it correctly. The new link works, thanks for that!

hi @DavidMiller and welcome on WF Forum. Here is a module I’m using I can share. It is a bit more complex as it have a message shown based on condition if any job is in offer. Each job have switch active to display or hide job from job offer list. Feel free to customise it to your needs.

Sorry @cyberdave to jump in. :wink:

Hope this help

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