How to restore item & collection IDs from CVS

I exported a CVS with all my collections/items… Then I restored a previous webflow project version, so all my ID’s changed…I want to bring the data from the CVS… I need to bring the collection IDs and item IDs in the CVS not to break my integrations (Airtable, etc)… I can’t seem to be able to ‘force’ the CVS item/collection IDs upon importing the CVS… The option to map these is not there in the import window. Please help, how to go about overwriting the collection/item IDs after the restore from the CVS? Thanks

The Webflow CMS item ID is an internal-only ID. You can’t change it, otherwise it could lead to major conflicts, I’d think potentially even with other hosting clients.

If you need a consistent ID for your external systems - even across a db restore - you’d need to create your own mapping and resolution process.