How to reset (stop execution) a Webflow animation script

Good afternoon. Can you tell me what are the possibilities to influence externally the animation scripts created in Webflow? Here is an example of when this is needed: "We are customizing the animation of a burger when you click on it. On the first click, it turns into a cross and the menu appears. And when you click again, it turns back into a burger and the menu is hidden. There is no problem here. But, for example, if a user clicks not on the cross but on a navigation item (which is an anchor link) in the menu. In this case, the menu should also close and the cross should turn into a burger. But it won’t. Because we are in the middle of the scenario. Between the first and second click. "
This is a very common problem. And surely you have a solution to this problem, don’t you? Please )))

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hi @Artem_Snitko on the forum are many resources with solutions regarding navigation issues. What research you have done so far? feel free to use the search input field on the top right. You can also use advanced search filtering.

Search for this issue as is related to adding action to a wrong element.

You can also check “made in Webflow” and filter “navigation” to study how navigations are set up.

I searched for similar topics and also looked at made in Webflow. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a solution. I doubt it has to do with applying animation to the wrong element. But thank you for your reply!

Hey! This exact problem is something I’ve struggled with. Have you found any solution yet? :slight_smile:

I have a transparent overlay in the background under my slide-in burger nav. The animation to show/hide and opactiy 0/100% works just fine as long as I click the burger link box. I have assigned the same animation I used for the second click on the burger to the links, so It should just play the animation when I click the link, i.e just fade out the overlay. But it somehow get’s things mixed up and thinks the first click is missing or something, and then the overlay show/hide starts reversing on clicking the burger again.
It’s like it’s expecting a second click on the link, but obviously there is none since the burger slide is off canvas, so when I click the burger it gets mixed up.