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How to Reset Menu Interaction

Hi folks!

I’ve created a custom mega menu with a loading transition. Problem is the transition doesn’t reset and seems to partially animate when clicking the burger button for the second time. It’s really odd.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Here is my public share link:

Thanks in advance,

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Hey @DanBennett

The problem is with the close animation. You don’t have the reset steps. See here >

Feel free to reach out if you have more questions :webflow_heart:

Awesome! Thanks so much for recording that fix, which I’ve followed step by step and it’s working now. Really appreciate the quick response :slight_smile:

Thanks again, Dan

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One more thing @PiterDimitrov, when you repeatedly click the menu button on and off the horizontal lines disappear and reappear randomly. Any clues?

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Try doing the following >

Again, thanks again for your wizardry :slight_smile:

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No problem! Happy to help :webflow_heart:

Hi! I’m also running into a similar issue. The link you provided is no longer available. Mind reposting? Or sharing how to tackle this again? Thanks!