How to reset all html tags?

Hi everyone!

Is there a way to reset all HTML tags such as headings so that they once again look for styling in the “body all pages” tag.

I have a page template that I use with most new projects but along the way I have made the mistake of styling the “heading1”, “Heading2” etc tags in the template and now those heading tags don’t follow the text styling of “body all pages” anymore.

Can I go back to the original settings somehow?



Remove the classes from the elements and they will inherit the default styling. If you need to keep a class for other styling on an element just remove the styles that you want inherited.

Thanks Webdev!

These headings that I am talking about don’t have classes. They are styled with “all H1 headings” etc. HTML tags. But those tags don’t inherit styles from “Body all pages” after being styled once with their own tags.

My aim is to style all texts including headings with the “Body all pages” tag whenever I start a new project using this template.

The template includes CMS-collections, custom code etc that I don’t wish to build again.

Now I when I’m trying out a font I have to apply it separately to all headings HTML tags just to see how they look.