How to replicate this old Slider 1.0 interaction?

Hey guys! hope you are doing great!
I need to recreate this slider sample because the old interactions are removed when you clone the project. I review the legacy actions but it seems that now Slider trigger is not a thing anymore. I tried to make an interaction using Slider Change trigger but it doesnt seem to work, any guidance on how to achieve this cool interaction using 2.0 interactions? thanks in advance!

original cloneable slider

this is a clone from the original project

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @andresbg

To use the slider in view and slider out of view interactions with the new 2.0, you need to do the following:

  1. Select the actual slide

  2. Open interactions and you will see a new interaction called slider change

  3. Click on that and add your into view and out of view interactions

Let me know if that works :webflow_heart:

Hi Piter! thanks for your quick turnaround! Yes, I already tried that one but it doesnt seem to work. Maybe I could share a test link so you can review it?

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Hey @andresbg

Yes! Please do it :raised_hands:

Piter! I already solved, your solution works, now I need to replicate on my design. thanks!

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@andresbg Happy to hear that! :webflow_heart: