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How to reorder dropdown list items in CMS Collection?

Hello my fellow Webflow geeks!

So, I have a problem. I need to know if there’s a way to reorder dropdown list options within an existing CMS collection.

In the screenshot below (for a fishing/angling website), the option “Miscellaneous” was previously the last in the list. However, my client has leased a new venue, and so I have added the “Water - Hartsholme” option. However, I would like this option to sit alphabetically within the list of Waters, after Fossdyke.

Simply renaming the options doesn’t work, as the CMS Items remain tied to each option regardless of name. The CMS collection is too established to simply redo it all.

Would appreciate your insight, please be nice if it’s something simple that I have missed haha.

Bump for any of you CMS geniuses that may be online :wink:

Not happening. Option order is set when you create them. So best to have a complete list before you start. You can’t even use keyboard sorting when adding new items. This is a strong reason not to use this field type. Also If you delete an option it does not orphan the value, it deletes it.

The better alternative is to use a reference field.

not sure if it would help, but for me I had to add field for number and give each cms item a number, then i was able to sort in order from smallest to largest number in the setting tab in the designer

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Hi @Richard_H, thanks for sharing. I was under the impression that this was a discussion of option fields inside the designer / editor. I guess @Andy_Vaughan can clarify.

haha thats why i wasnt sure if my answer would be helpful or not

@webdev, really appreciate your time in answering. Damn - not the answer I was hoping for, but the answer I suspected was the case! Sucks even more to have it come from someone on the forums that I have learnt so much from (I lurk :wink: ) and respect massively - I know that there’s no chance you’re mistaken haha.

I haven’t used reference fields before but will have a play around to experiment in order to avoid this issue for future projects. Thanks again :slight_smile:

@Richard_H thanks for the input buddy, I appreciate you taking the time. As @webdev suggested, I was looking for a way to reorder the fields within the Designer itself.

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Hey @Andy_Vaughan - Thank you for the nice comment. When one spends precious personal time helping others in the forum, positive feedback really goes a long way. :+1:

Here is a big hand of applause :raised_hands: to the people who, on their own time make this forum great, and the product even better. It takes a lot of effort.

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@webdev it’s definitely the community that makes Webflow stand out, in my opinion (besides the tons of awesome features in the product itself!). I’ve learnt so much through people giving me their valuable time to get me to where I am (admittedly, still within sight of the start line - I have a long way to go!). It’s that ethos that encourages me to help others on these forums in turn.

That is awesome. Learn, Grow, Help. Cheers!

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