How to remove underline on heading?

Hi Guys,

Im having trouble getting rid of the underline on a few headings, I tried removing the underline “decoration” and its still there, its also not text link either. I’ve attached a reference hopefully it shows. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Click the link (text or container) and force it to no decoration (click the X even if it looks like it’s clicked) at the bottom here:

2021-07-22 15_17_52-000191

Thanks Fonsume for replying,

But I tried that and the underline is still there. I tried clicking the x for the section, the container, the div block, the heading, and the text but the underline is still there.

@Vinny is the heading a link? It may be on the all links style that essentially sets the default style for any link on your site. You have to select the link element and open up the inheritance in this panel:

Sorry would get a better screen shot but I’m on my phone.

Edit, better image:


Thanks a lot, sam-g that worked!!!