How to remove (type=text/javascript) from Webflow

Hello! Could anybody help me, please?
Is there any script which can remove js tags (or hide them from HTML validator)?
You can check any Webflow website and you will see warnings like these:

}} </scri Warning : The type attribute is unnecessary for JavaScript resources.

From line 1, column 3739; to line 1, column 3769

I do not want to export the code. I just need to remove the tags.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello Mia!

You don’t need to use a HTML-Validator when working with webflow. The code generated is very good but might confuse Validators because of how it is generated. If you have not added any particular Script files yourself then you can disregard those error messages.

Is the website working correctly on your device when you try to open it in the browser? If everything is working fine then there is nothing for you to worry about.


Hello Felix!
Thank you for your reply! Website is working good but my client checked the website and wants me to remove all the errors and warnings. I do not know what to tell him.

You cannot modify code rendered by Webflow. Only code you add.