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How to Remove Old Google Tag Manager Script Left Behind After Uninstall?

Hi everyone. I was using google tag manager for a while but decided to ditch it. So I erased the tags I’d installed in the and the other tags in the body.

But I discovered there’s a remnant left over in a section of the header that I can’t edit, because it’s too high up.

Here’s a screenshot from devtools that shows the snippet I’m trying to delete (highlighted towards the top) and the new GA4 tag I replaced it with (towards the bottom).

what do

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Double check your Project settings → Integrations page to make sure you don’t have a Google integration enabled.

Thank you. I did, but that wasn’t it. The problem was that I had already installed the firebase SDK later on in the page, and upon loading in the live environment, it adds that code to the header as a result of initializing analytics.

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