How to remove my menu

I am new, and unfortunately don’t know how to do this.

As you will see, in the top-right corner there are 3 stripes that lead to a menu. I’d like to use the page as a One-Pager so I need to remove this menu, without interfering any other feature.

I am working on this for hours and can’t find any appropriate solution.


Here is my public share link: Webflow -

If you’re using the navbar, that’s just the mobile navigation.
Under navbar settings, you can configure which breakpoints that should appear on, and if you want, you can just tell it never to appear.

But remember, you still probably want a nav, even on a single-page site. You’ll just use section #refs rather than new-page navigations.

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Ok, and how could I use the section #refs ?:sweat_smile:

I am a total beginner. sorry…

The webflow U courses are well worth your time if you’re new to the platform.

You want the page section link.

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Yeah right, i know how to get the link, but i don’t know how to even edit the menu😅

I Have already found a way. Thanks for the tip!