How to remove Localization?

How do we remove Localization?

Tried localization and decided I like separate TLD’s instead…Now how do I remove and unsubscribe from the Localization addon?

Where’s the Unsubscribe/ Remove option??

I removed a locale, from 3, to 2 when I realized not all of them can be translated.
Process was;

  • turn off publishing under locale setting for each locale in the designer
  • remove those locales
  • go to your site settings under plans and you’ll see localization
  • downgrade that to 0 locales

Thanks Michael -that worked :sunglasses:

How can I turn off publishing? By default is enabled and I can’t see the remove button on my last locale

Thanks for sharing this trick! It worked for me, too!

Hey Cosmin, that’s you’re primary locale. Don’t worry about that one, it’s not one of the locales you’re paying for. You can still downgrade to 0.