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How to remove jQuery

How can I remove jQuery from my website? I don’t need it and I’m trying to keep things to a bare minimum.

Hey @beneverard

I think you can’t remove it. Webflow is using jQuery for some things. Maybe @PixelGeek will explain more.

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Today that would not be an option. It may be in the future. Insight on this during the last Live Q&A with Vlad Magdalin at the playhead shared below. 25:00


JQuery effect on site speed is very very minimal (before body) + on second page and so on cached.

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Thanks for jumping guys! @webdev @Siton_Systems

I am in a similar position to @beneverard. We have a Single Page Application and our designer used WebFlow to build out the page and add a few animations.

I realize this isn’t your standard use case but adding jQuery to an existing codebase is a hard sell. Whole SPAs are built with less code than jQuery’s 87k. It would be nice if we could have a minimal IX2 engine we could add in without needing jQuery or the extra WebFlow code.

I would be happy to help with any of this kind of code work (for the IX2 engine specifically), I don’t know if IX2 is open source or not but I don’t see it on WebFlows Github account.

As a heads up in the video dropping jQuery is discussed starting at about 48:50.

Would very much like to see this feature implemented.
Jquery also stops us from being able to port our Webflow sites into a React environment.
If we could have the full interactions without the Jquery, it would open up an entire world of possibilities.
Please drop the JQuery without losing functionality. :grin:


Am on this too. I have a project am working that is going to be port into a react/vue environment. I have to go ahead and use React Studio which is not intuitive to work with. Webflow with purely css animations and basic HTML structure will go a long. An option on export remove query and dependents will help.