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How to remove interaction on CMS objects

I forked a template from Escape template. I want to remove mouse hover interactions on the thumbnails images. I tried in the GLOBAL OBJECTS panel. I select the objects and delete the interaction, but the hover animation is still their. How to remove that?

@warycat is the hover interaction built in the interaction panel or just a hover state change? Can you please post your read-only link so that we can further assist you?

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@Waldo here is the page. https://preview.webflow.com/preview/hanghaila?preview=f663501d87a126172fa126a61ed5fe30
I want to remove the hover animation but I don’t know how the offset animation is created. I delete the {Featured Thumbnail} interaction in the interactions panel. That does not work.

Hey @warycat if you click on the “Thumbnail Wrapper” element, then change the state to “hover”, you can remove the transform which is added on hover.

  1. Select Thumbnail wrapper element… Then select the state changer and go to hover.

  1. Scroll down in the style panel to the bottom, and expand the effect panel. Then click on the translate icon and remove the 3px translation. :smile:

Let me know if you have any questions please :smile:

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