How to remove duplicated values from Filter in collection list

I have web store and I have under eCommerce Products where I have Brand name etc. One of the filter in Product page is Brand name. Problem is that it displays duplicated brand names.

Under element settings/collection list settings there is option to configure Filtering, but under that there is no option about duplicates.

How have you solved this issue?

You’ll need to share the designer readonly link to your page, and a published site link as well to the page you’re having issues with.

I’m imagining you’re using some kind of filtering system like perhaps finsweet filter or jetboost? And that you are trying to feed it with a collection list? And if so then you’re probably using the wrong collection binding to get the brand names list. But I can only guess.

Yes I am using finsweet filtering logic - CMS Filter for Webflow - No-code using Attributes. I thought I will create a new collection and link it by using reference, but under ecommerce I am limited regard of that:

I would create Brands as a CMS collection, and then add a custom ref field from Product to Brand.

Then build your FS filtering setup using both the Brands collection and your Products list.