How to remove CMS field values through automation

Hi there,

When Zapier zap sends blank/no-data data to my Webflow CMS fields, if there is an existing field value Webflow, it is not removed or overwritten with a blank field value as one would hope.

As a use case, imagine you have event listings with photos and an address in an external database like Airtable. In the first place, you use Zapier to publish the event listing from Airtable to a Webflow item containing 3 photos and an address. Later, you remove one of the photos and the entire address from your original database/airtable.

You run the automation (i.e. uypdate a webflow item) with blank/no data fields for one of the photos and the address, but Webflow won’t remove or overwrite existing field values unless there is a new value to replace them with.

I could use Zapier’s formatted step to create default empty space data for fields where data is non-existent, but that would be messy and require me to add one formatter step for every field which would amount to dozens of formatter steps in multiple zaps. Besides, it still wouldn’t solve the issue for images/URLs required by Webflow.

Are there any better workarounds or Webflow-side solutions?


FYI, the solution is quite simple after all. You take an empty character (from here) and you paste it after the field values in your zap.

Glad you found a solution in the end.

However, if you ever get tired of running into problems like these while trying to use Zapier to sync your Airtable and Webflow CMS, give PowerImporter a try. It puts all your Airtable data in your Webflow CMS, and then keeps them in sync automatically. Whether you add, update, or delete something in Airtable, PowerImporter will update the CMS accordingly, and it also takes care of all your multi-reference fields for you.

You could be up-and-running in 5 minutes and never have to worry about this automation again.

Disclaimer: I created PowerImporter, so forgive me for being a little “salesy”. :grin:

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After some additional setup, the emptycharacter solution turns out to be quite error-prone and doesn’t solve all the edge cases.

Besides adding one additional “Display as true or false field” for every field in my collection, which would be a mess and max out my CMS field limit, I still don’t have a good solution for this!

Yea… that’s definitely not the way to go lol. I too am looking for a solution to revert reference field to default through automation, except I’m using Integromat/Make. I’ll let you know if I come up with something.

Hey @CopprArt,
I’m looking to do exactly this (using Make)
Did you find a solution?

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Hello there!

Same here. Using Make and trying to tell Webflow that the image field in Airtable is empty.

Any ideas?


I figured it out, at least for Make, you can use ‘emptyArray’

Hey @WillSayer
Could you please share a screenshot of how your inputs look like in the field in Make? That would be awesome. I’ve tried, but it’s still not working :frowning:

Ah sorry for the late reply, just saw this, but yes sure…