How to remember lessons progress?


I am creating for my client an online course. There id 26 lessons and you need to be registered to view them. Do you have any idea how to save progress for each user?

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hi @mkukulka as this is not related to WF directly you should look on internet for mental model as there is several models (ways) how to. Generally speaking you can have progress stored in DB table related to user (add column eg. “progress” to hold the value) .

Another model I can thing now is to have one table called eg. progress that will have at least columns eg. uuid, user, status,createdAt updatedAt with relations between user and progress tables set in DB where status will be used to store eg. number of lesson(s) .

Second model can be faster as you will do only one search in one table “progress” (find user by uuid and return status) instead search many user tables.

Like I have said these are only mental models how to thing about it but implementation differ on tech stack used

Thank you @Stan for your answer. So there is no way to do it directly on webflow with collections or by using Zapier/ and storing this information in Airtable?

hi @mkukulka Hmm probably you can use it but I do not use Zapier/Make services as I use custom code for such process. The mental model will remain the same and of course you can let your client pay for 3-rd party services that offer no-code solutions to make it happened. It is not cheap but … From what I know Make is cheaper and more user friendly.

hey Maciej - this is super interesting. If you do go the route of storing the state in Airtable, I assume you’ll want to bring that state back into Webflow. If so, Whalesync’s Airtable x Webflow 2-way sync might be helpful: Sync Airtable & Webflow - Welcome to Whalesync

Hi Maciej,

You’ll have to think a lot about what you’re trying to track, and how the UI will work.
Here are two different models;

  1. You want to track yes/no whether person X has completed lesson Y. Probably person X must click a checkbox or something when Y is done.
  2. You want to track how far person X has progressed in course Z. Here, X is opening lessons, and then some trigger ( opening the lesson? ) updates the progress-tracker within the course.

You’d implement each of these very differently at every level, data, UI, UX, triggers, etc.

One way to do this, sort of, is to have the completed triggers / buttons trigger a form, which triggers Webflow Logic, which updates the CMS. That’s kinda cool, and self-contained, but you’ll be filling up a tracking table pretty quickly with your X-Y cartesian. 1000 users, 100 courses, means 10,000 records that do nothing but add a little checkbox indication.

A better way is to use an external tracking system, but you may only get the visual effect. I think Memberstack has a cloneable course which has this kind of feature integrated.

Another option is to use script and localData to store that tracking in the browser itself. Nice in that you don’t need logins, Terrible in that you don’t need logins… so the data isn’t transportable if the user logs in to another computer. Plus you get no tracking data as to what people are actually completing.

So lots of ups and downsides of the different possibilities. It’s really important for you to decide What you need, and Why, before you start looking for the How.

Check out these for some possibilities and inspo;