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How to remake this in Weblfow? (alphabet grid)

I’m trying to recreate this effect in Webflow, no idea how to do it.

Any advice appreciated. Thank you.

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@anthonyclark can you explain a bit more.

@JanneWassberg sure.
Each letter is a link to a section below that starts with that letter.
I’m brand new to using Webflow, so I’m not sure how to recreate what is shown in the image.
As you can see, the example shows that all the letters are evenly spaced.
How do I do this?

@anthonyclark ok so in a certain place on your page design you want an contanier with link to different section on the page or other pages, right? Will it be on a part of the page like the picture you sent?

@anthonyclark give 30 min and i can se what i can do

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@anthonyclark here is a link to a sample that you can clone.
Only letter A and B are linked to a section. You can also link to internal and external pages.

Good Luck


@JanneWassberg yes this is the idea. Thank you. :pray:

Nice work on your estimate and delivery Janne =)

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Yep, took 24 min including cloning the project :grin::grin:

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