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How to redirect my customer to dynamic URL that defined by user input?

Please refer to the screenshot above.
It’s from LinkTree and what it does is, you can type your user ID here, and clicking the purple button redirect you to the URL “https//”.

I want this to be on my Webflow site. How can I redirect users to dynamic URLs that are defined by user input?

Thanks in advance.

@Steven_Jang that’s totally doable.

You can simply use Integromat for this (the free tier will do). Submit your native Webflow form, with that url field, into an Integromat Webhook.

Then do some automation on it (if you like), and finally use an Integromat Webhook Response that tells the web browser to redirect your user to a specific url (i.e. the one submitted in the form).

I have a screencast walking through something VERY similar. Enough so that you can repurpose for your needs without much work, checkout it out here: