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How to redirect from another url to a page on site

Hi, I need help adding a script in webflow what would redirect from (old site) to page on site) website?

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You can set this up in the hosting tab of the settings

  • Add both domains ( and
  • Setup the DNS as instructed for both so they point to Webflow.
  • Then click the “Make Default” button next to the domain you want to make primary - i.e. - this will redirect all the traffic from to

You can redirect a web page via JavaScript using a number of methods. If you want a cross-browser compliant JavaScript redirect script, better to use the following scripts.

window.location.href = "";

Also, You can use window.location object to load another page in JavaScript.

window.location = "";

A pure HTML alternative is the following tag in your HTML :

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;">

The 0 is here the amount of seconds the page has to stay open before redirecting.