How to recreate page overlaying in webflow

Hi guys!

I have a little question, is this possible to make all page overlaying when u push button, example - i have contact page, and on another page like services i have button ‘contact’ and when i push this button page contact overlays my content with all its content.

Best example is: when u push ‘lets talk’ button or select contact from menu. Contact page overlays main content, but it is separate page too :slight_smile:

Yes. You have to build your over-layer first, then hide it (display:none) then add an interaction on the button that says “pass the overlayer display:block” and another interaction on the close button of the opverlayer that says “pass the overlayer display:none”.

Check the tutorials for interactions here:

It’s really easy and exactly what ebflow is meant to do. Don"'t be afraid, watch the tutos, it’s quick.

Yes Vincent, i know that method, but if i need scrollable popup?

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When I say over-layer, it can be scrollable too. Make an absolute positionned div, anchored to the top. If there’s enough content in it, it will scroll. Set a min height of 100% while your body has a height of 100% and you kind of cover all the cases.

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What i’m doing wrong, the backgorund ends where content adds, background dosnt overlays all content

Vincent can u check please… service page, popup appears when top right button ЗАДАТЬ ВОПРОС pushed

Service page is first link from left in the top menu

Vincent have u some time to check what i’m doing wrong?

I need fixed overlayed background and scrollable contact form over main content

Please, i really need your help! :slight_smile:

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This is exactly what I am trying to solve also.