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How to recreate NYTimes Style Interactives

Hi everyone,

I’m still quite new to Webflow but I’ve been loving the platform and learning from the community. My interest is mainly in building multimedia long-form storytelling projects, or as journalists call them - ‘interactives’.

Here’s a representative example:

The specific help I’m looking for relates to the navigation used here. The smooth transitions between each element for instance, and the navigation between sections (using the on-screen up/down buttons, or keyboard arrow keys). If something like this might be possible through Webflow it would be amazing if someone could point me in the right direction. If @PixelGeek Nelson would be willing to do a workshop recreating this page that would be amazing!

A big thanks in advance.

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Your request is quite broad, and may not be easily answerable/solvable via the forums. Would you like to move your post to the Freelance category instead?

Alternatively, you can also contact specialists in our Experts directory to custom code a solution for you.

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