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How to re-direct user based on data in a query string

Hey there! We’re a nonprofit using FundraiseUp (a giving platform) to accept donations on our website. After a donor successfully donates to our organization, we can re-direct them to a specific, custom thank-you page on our website. Unfortunately, FundraiseUp only allows us to re-direct to one page. We are wanting to re-direct donors to two different places depending upon their donation type: recurring (monthly) OR one-time. This is defined in the URL query string that’s passed on by FundraiseUp as either monthly=true or monthly=false

Here’s an example of the URL that’s passed on by FundraiseUp:

How can we re-direct users who are monthly donors (when &monthly=true) to a specific page that thanks them for becoming a monthly donor, and re-directs one-time donors (when &monthly=false) to a DIFFERENT page? Do you happen to have specific code for this? Also, is it possible for the code to pass along the URL query string as well so we can pull the URL parameters into the website’s content to make a more donor-personalized experience?

Thanks in advance! We’d greatly appreciate anyone’s help here!!!

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