How to query a weekday

I am currently creating a website for a martial arts school.
A course schedule with all courses that take place today should be on the start page. And tomorrow’s courses should be displayed tomorrow.
But how do I do this query?
The days on which the individual courses take place are entered in the database.
The problem is that you somehow have to query the current day of the week.
Do you have an idea for this?

You won’t be able to do this without custom code since items from a collection list are displayed on publish and are not actually dynamic.

For an old studio I used to teach at I built a page for each day “Tuesday classes” for example. Then on the home page I had a script that detected the day of week and used Ajax to pull in the content from the correct days class schedule.

The alternative would be to load all the classes hidden, then filter the list with code. Something like isotope or mixitup would do with tweaking.