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How to put different image on CMS pages


I’m trying to add a different image to each of the specialist category pages on my clients site:

However when I change the image on say the retirement solution page, it changes the image on all the specialist pages. We’re using the CMS. Can anyone advise me how we can customise the image on each page please.

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Hello @GrahamCox

  1. First of all you need to add an image field to your CMS collection so you can add the image of each category there

  1. Once you’ve added that field you can pull it from there using the BG option of the CMS:

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Hi aaronocampo,

Thanks very much for your help with this. I’m probably being really dense but where is the screen in part 2 of your answer please? I’ve added the image for the retirement solutions page into the collection field but I don’t see the dynamic style settings anywhere. Thanks again.


In the designer style panel area there are multiple tabs at the top. Look for the gear icon.



Thanks aaronocampo. Do I need to add the relevant background image to the CMS collection page for each of the pages in the collection? I was hoping I could just apply the retirement solution image to that page in the CMS collection so that it overrides a global background image for the other pages in the collection? Hope that makes sense.