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How to put Animated Noise Texture on all the site

Hello everyone ! I’m a new member in Webflow and I’ve some questions about how to use JS and implement it on my webpage.

Short story, I’m currently created my portfolio and I want to put a ‘grain’ effect on all the site to put some dynamism in my minimalistic design.

I’ve found a library called ‘grained.js’ but I clearly don’t know how to put the values and all the other things into Webflow, can someone can help me about this problematic ?

You can click here to see my read-only URL.

If you think the library isn’t good or if you’ve any tips or better solutions on how to do it, feel free to share me that !!

Thanks in advance, and have a good day !

Hey @Kevin.B Welcome to webflow you can look into this cloneable it has the code and the procedure to add to your page.

Hope it helps :peace_symbol:

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Hello @Sachin ! Thanks a lot for your answer who is perfect for my problematic. My bad to didn’t look any further before !