How to publish webflow website into a host server

Hello everyone,

I already have my website ready. I just need to know how to move the files from webflow into the host server.

Could someone help me?

Thank and kind regards,

Hey Master, depends on your site’s configuration.
If it’s a basic site, with no CMS, logic, ECommerce, Memberships, etc, it’s straightforward. Just export the HTML and upload it to a new host.

If you have forms that use Webflow’s native forms handler, you’ll need to sort out a new form handling solution.

If you have CMS needs, you’ll need to migrate and integrate that as well. That’s much more involved and you may want to use a service like Udesly.

I do a lot of site migrations for clients, mostly for clients that need high performance or have special server-side integration requirements. But DM me if you need some help getting your site somewhere specific.