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How to prevent Tachyons width classes from being prefixed with underscores?

I’m working on a site who’s main business portal uses Tachyons but the marketing team wants to use Webflow for the marketing portions of the site. I’ve been able replicating the look of the main site fairly faithfully using Tachyons utility classes, but I’ve run into a problem.

It seems that webflow has reversed the w- prefix on class names, forcing any classes starting with it to have _w- instead. Unfortunately, the width utility classes in Tachyons all use w-50-m, w-100, etc.

Is there any way I can get Webflow to play nicely with the Tachyons classes?

The solution I would use would be to fork the tachyon css; search and replace the colliding class names.

I moved the topic to custom code since this is not a bug.

Is there a list of webflow-specific classes so I can proactively ensure nothing else is colliding?

Just look at your project CSS. Webflow has a pretty clean style-sheet.

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