How to prevent page to scroll automatically to the form?

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On I have a simple “click to show hidden form” interaction in the CTA section but there’s a problem. The form is much bigger piece of content than the trigger button (which dissapears after click and is replaced by the form). And here’s the problem: every time when I press the button, the form appears and the page scrolls to the bottom of the form making the top three radio buttons out of viewport.

Is there a way to prevent the page from scrolling?

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What button are you clicking on to get this intractable form?

It’s the button “Klikněte sem” in green banner at the bottom of the page:

On click The button is set to move to the footer. See the attach image. cancel it if you don’t want your page go to the footer

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Oh, thanks a lot. Such a stupid mistake to make…

Great to have people like you in the community @shokoaviv :slight_smile:



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