How to prevent footer from obscuring the slider?

How do I prevent my footer from hovering over the slider?

Had I been the original creator of all CSS, I would’ve changed slider styling or do something similar. But here - using Webflow’s slider - I am slightly lost as to what I should edit - the footer, the slider, or the parent block. And whether this should be heigh, position, or any other setting. In other words, what is the canonical way to do this in Webflow?

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Hi @zhenya

There are a few different approaches you can take here as this is definitely subjective.

Here is a GIF showing how I would approach this though:


  1. Remove hight from here
  2. Remove inline image
  3. Use background image on the hero instead
  4. Style background image to no tile and cover
  5. Delete empty div block

Hope this helps :bowing_man: