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How to prevent a page from publishing

I made a copy of a page with a new name so I could make some temporary changes while still keeping the original page, but how do I prevent the original page from being published.

Was that page already published? Is this a CMS Item?

Not a CMS. After making a copy and renaming it, I published the site, so yes both pages were published but want to hide the copy

Well if there are no links to it now one would know where it existed right? Just make sure you opted to hide from search. That way it won’t show up in the search results.

You could do one better by securing the page (password protect it), which requires hosting.

Thanks, I forgot about the hide from search and I was worried about that. I actually did turn on the password protect as a temporary fix, but would have figured that there would have been a more robust solution, like a checkbox to “not publish page” or something like that. Seems like something a lot of people must use when putting up temporary home pages or temporary sale items or something. I’m always changing pages temporarily to go back to the original at a later date. What do other people do for this seemingly “common” situation?

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Isn’t this what you are looking for?

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Geez…that was so easy. Yes, that is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

Yeah, the option to do so was added to webflow not too long ago and wasn’t advertised much.

What was not clear to me was that this would change a published page’s state to unpublished.

The dropdown text should change to “Unpublish page” while the page is published. Not “Save as Draft” which is fine for a new page that has not been published.

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Yes, I agree, Unpublish page would be a better label to acknowledge that a previously published page would now be unpublished.