How to pre-fill form input fields

I have implemented the solution given here

to pre-fill form input fields at page load on witch I have given Dynamic CMS items.

It works great, but if I modify the CMS item, the content doesn’t refresh everytime.
Does someone have a solution, to dynamically fill the input fields from a CMS item.

I want to use this as a draft feature for forms so users can modify there inputs by seeing what they have previously written and make modifications.
Then when they save, the modification is made in the CMS item.
When they come back they should be able to see the last modification and edit again if needed.

For now, it works once. If there is multiple modifications, it seems it is not loaded by the jQuery, or something.

Help? Anyone add the issue, and found the solution

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Hello !

I’m looking too for a similar solution to allow user to verify and modify their informations. So I’m interested in a solution for @Sylvain’s issue or another solution.

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