How to post an order to an external system

Hi Team
We have a e-commerce site plan. Is there a possibility to post the order information to an external system through a web hook? Currently I have only 2 options in the web hook section.

Form submission
Site updates

Thanks in advance for help


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Chitta, you’re not seeing all the webhooks.
On this page have a look at the Trigger Types on the right hand side.

I’ve linked you directly to ecomm_new_order which sounds like the one you’re looking for;


If you go through the Webflow project settings, that’s all they give you. Instead, you can use their API to tap into all of the Webhook triggers.

You can wire everything together through their API or you can use a tool like the Webflow Webhook Creator to make it easier (along with a bunch of tutorials):

It gives you quick access to all available Webhook triggers.

Hope that helps!