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How to pass the unique conversion value to Google Ads?

Hello everyone,

I have an ecommerce store built on webflow. I’ve succesfully driven converting traffic from facebook and now I’d like to focus a little on the Google Ads side.

The problem is I sell many items in the store and the value of each order is unique. How can I pass the unique value to the Google Ads conversions?

In GAds’ resources, there is this code for the conversion tracking:

  gtag('event', 'conversion', {'send_to': 'AW-123456789/AbC-D_efG-h12_34-567',
    'value': 123.05,
    'currency': 'USD'

Now I have no idea how to pass on the value dynamically for each order. Can someone explain how to do that?

It is crucial for me to see the correct ROAS of advertising from Google Ads.

Thanks in advance for the explanation.

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I’m trying to figure this out as well. Will let you know if I have any luck.

I think the way to do it is to set up the WebFlow Google Analytics integration under site settings and then link your Google Analytics account with your Google Ads account and import eCommerce Conversions and Goals.

You can read more here:

Hey Abe, thanks for the response.

I know about the Analytics integration but I didn’t know you could pair it up with Ads.
I will definitely try to work this approach out.

Did you manage to make it work yet? Let me know.