How to optimize speed issue with those 2 resources?

I dont use the Google font but the link is in there by default.

Hi @TommyVirtuo, I don’t know which tool are you using to evaluate speed performance but my recommendation it Is not to get to obsessed with them.

I recently had a client that was really obsessed with this things and we prove it to him that even on its own speed performance tool was not having the best score.

I would say to try your competitor site or even your preferred in the tool your using to measure speed and you will find surprising things.

Let me know how it goes.

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Hi Mrmtta,

You’re right about the Google and other big site not performing well but they rule their market so i guess they dont need to care. :):smile:

i sell SEO services to my clients and being obsessed about it is crucial. I believe this obsession in any field set the professional apart from the rest. I guess Webflow is not the tool yet that can deliver what we can achieve with Wordpress.

I was very hopeful with Webflow that i could move away from Wordpress.

I understand your point on being professional and I totally agree.

Would be great to have a Webflow staff jump in share her/his insights on performance and how Webflow deals with it.

Are you able to get maximum score on those performance tools with sites develop in Wordpress? :astonished: Would be great if you could share an example.

Yes wordpress does get 70+ scores. I’m not asking for 100 but at least near 75.

I assume that with Wordpress you have more flexibilidad on what to load or not load in the header of the page.

Going back to your first entry, I understand that Webflow needs to load google fonts for some of their components to work.

Would be great to know what is your preferred tool to measure performance.

Hi Mrmtta,

i would understand that it needs to be there if i use Google fonts but i’m not.

I use Sitechecker, Woorank, BrightLocal and Devtool audit to get a good average of the health. They all have limitation like Brightlocal is claiming that it will not detect my schema because apparently webflow is passing the schema via GTM. which i believe its not.

SPEED - Read the articles her:

Hi Siton,
Thanks for your tips!
None of my hero images 1920 x 1080 are above 175kb
How do you compress your images ?

I do get 100 as well using Desktop,no throttling settings.

tinyjpeg is a great tool.

All of these tests - are tools. If the site load less than 1 second - this is what matter.

SEO SCORE - 0 score because this is block url!! (No SEO for site not allowed to index/crawl - so you get a lot of critical errors).

Anyway i dont like this tool (To much information - give you low score for any site because this is the way you buy this product).
Example - give you error of Title duplicates & Description duplicates for www and not www sites (But webflow do redirect - google will not see this as duplicate).

You have to set the default domain in your Webflow hosting or it will give you this www/non.www

this is my score and i’m quite happy with that.

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Nice. Site speed looks fast.

About google speed test - this idea give you warning. If you want to get better score - use crop -or- more close dimension image.

out of topוc- you use
id="footer" more than one time.

Thank you very much for pointing that id. I bought this theme and id not look at that. :slight_smile: