How to open only certain video CMS content in a lightbox

This is my first time using Webflow for a project, but I have a quick question. For context, this is a simple portfolio website for a film director. I have a CMS page for a video portfolio. Some of the projects have multiple videos and text inside their own project page. Some of the projects only have a single video without a description. Is it possible for certain projects to just open in a lightbox if there’s only one video and not open to its own page? Links below. Thanks!

Read Only Link

Published Link

You can put the video player of the first video inside of the collection list item. You can even make it a popup. Design it elsewhere and paste it in the item at the end, it’s going to replicate on the other items, but carry on.

Add a switch field to your collection, name it “Is it a single video post?” or something like this.

Add a conditional visibility to the link to the post, in the list, make it as: if switch is off, then show up.

Add a conditional visibility to the video/popup : if switch is on, then show up

So in each item you’ll have either the common content plus the link to the post, or the common content plus the single video, in a popup or anything else.