How to open a new tab and go into a new page with single link?


There is still no solution on Webflow for playing music continuously without stop when going from page to page so the next best solution I read somewhere is to have a new window tab for just sound.

My site has an intro page where music is already playing. When you enter the actual home page that’s where the background music should start or the new tab playing music should start.

I need help implementing a little jQuery to trigger both links as the result of a single link click somewhere in the design, to open both a new page and new tab window opening the sound window. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Here is the link

Just set the link “ENTER SITE” to open in a new window, leaving the intro page behind.

Hi Sam,

That would actually work if the client wanted the music to be the same as intro page. I will definitely consider this if there’s no viable solution.

For now, I need something separate from the intro page.