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How to offset Mobile Background image 100% to 0% 1:1 scroll

I have fixed background on desktop that works as intended. How do I apply the same effect on mobile using paralax 1:1 to 0-100?

My current work around is making a z=0 div layer absolute width of section block, then adding IX2 move y-axis 1:1 0-100 OR making z= fixed position, but its sooo many steps to do what normally takes 2 clicks on desktop mode.

Can you rephrase your question? Also your read-only is missing.

ps: what the hell is that checkbox inside your message? It even works :smiley:

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basically I want to simulate ‘FIXED’ background on Android and iOS devices. Currently, if I set FIXED it is not fixed-position on mobile devices, it ONLY works on desktop.

To Simulate, simply apply FIXED setting on desktop background, and view it on both desktop and mobile devices.

My workaround is to create a BG layer , but need to retwak a lot of Z settings, and sometimes with IX2 on it to simulate the fixed, but its a little wonky. This solution requires lots of extra clicks and time.

I’m looking for a 2 click solution on mobile.

P.S. wow I have no idea how the checkbox got here I typed in

what? What did you type in? I didn’t know I need to know how to insert a working checkbox in a post but now I need it! :smiley: Just wrap whatever you have typed in the “preformatted text” tags.

Can you share a read-only though? It is hard to understand what the problem is (I mean, I get it - you want your fixed element to stay fixed on mobile, but it isn’t clear why you need to retweak a lot of settings for your workaround)

I’ll pull a share version later.

here you go checkbox away:

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