How to obtain Google HTML Tag when property already exists?

Hi there, in order to submit for the sitemap, I need to add in the google HTML tag in the settings area of my site. However, my URL is already connected and normally when you connect the property for the first time, it provides you with that information to copy and paste. However, since my domain already exists in google, I am unsure how to obtain the HTML tag.

I assume you’re talking about Google Search Console? If it’s not warning you that you are not a verified owner of the domain, you should be able to upload your sitemap. You could always remove the property from your account and then add it again, that will prompt you to prove ownership again and it will give you the HTML tag/DNS entry to do so.

Hey! So when I removed it, and re-added, it auto verified by the DNS record. However, it looks like I can add other methods and finally founds out how to do it! Thank you :slight_smile: