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How to navigate right & left on mobile - horizontal scroll page

Hi everyone. I need help with the horizontal scrolling on tablet and mobile.
All the pages on my website use horizontal scroll intentionally. It ads a cool effect on desktop, however I find it unnatural to navigate on mobile and tablets and I am looking for a solution to implement left-right navigation, preferably without code and keeping the same sections in terms of design.

Thanks in advance :relaxed:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Can anyone help me please? I am stuck with this one :sob:

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Hey @Cristina_Benescu

I know it looks cool, but I will stick to vertical on mobile.

Think about it

Piter :webflow_heart:

Amazing website, I didn’t spot any problem on mobile version navigation.
It’s beautiful and original to have it on horizontal scrolling.

Hi Peter. Thank you for your suggestion. I am considering it :blush:

Thank you @flpdcz, glad to hear that you liked it. I have received mixed reviews about it, it’s not so smooth on mobile. I’ll see what I can do :crossed_fingers:

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